The Alpine National Park in Victoria has a wealth of stunning landscapes just waiting to be captured on camera. From the ski resorts of Hotham and Falls Creek to the rugged beauty of Mount Feathertop and the historic charm of Wallace Hut, there's no shortage of incredible locations to explore and photograph in this part of the world.

 31599 Snow Gums

One of my favourite features of the High Country is the snow gum, this eucalyptus tree is found throughout the alpine regions of Australia. These beautiful trees have a striking appearance, with their colouful bark standing out against the deep blue sky and the surrounding snow and rocks. I love the way the snow gums create a sense of scale and depth in my images, and the way the light plays on the bark and leaves.

 31601 Feathertop Dawn

At Mount Feathertop, you'll find some of the most breathtaking views in the entire region. The mountain's summit sits at over 1,900 meters, providing stunning panoramic vistas of the surrounding area. If you fancy a hike to the summit you'll find it challenging but rewarding, with a range of different landscapes to capture along the way, from open fields of wildflowers to rocky outcrops and dense forests.

 31368 First Light

For those looking for a taste of history, Wallace Hut is an absolute must-see. This historic hut was built in 1889 and served as a base for cattle grazing operations in the area. Today, it's a popular destination for hikers and history buffs alike, and it's one of the most photographed huts in the Australian Alps.

 31598 Hotham
 70916 Mount Feathertop from Hotham

Finally, no visit to the High Country would be complete without a trip to the ski resorts of Hotham and Falls Creek. These resorts offer some of the best skiing and snowboarding in Australia, with a range of different terrain to suit every skill level. And even if you're not a skier, the resorts are still well worth a visit, with a range of other activities on offer, from snowshoeing and cross-country skiing to scenic chairlift rides and delicious mountain cuisine.

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