Fingal Bay is a hidden coastal town located at the end of the Port Stephens peninsula. One of the main highlights of Fingal Bay is visiting the historic Fingal Island. Accessible by boat or by foot during low tide. You can walk across the sandbank known as Fingal Spit to reach the island. However, be sure to return before the tide covers the spit, or you'll find yourself stranded on the island until the next low tide!

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One of the main highlights of Fingal Island is the historic Port Stephens Lighthouse. The lighthouse was first constructed in 1862, Its establishment was in response to the increasing maritime traffic in the region due to the growth of the nearby towns and the mining industry.

 68770 Port Stephens Lighthouse

The original lighthouse structure was a stone tower, standing at about 8 meters (26 feet) in height. It was equipped with a kerosene lamp, which emitted a fixed white light visible for approximately 11 nautical miles (20 kilometers). The light source was later upgraded to a more powerful incandescent lamp, significantly enhancing its visibility range.

Over the years, the lighthouse underwent several modifications and modernizations to improve its functionality and efficiency. In 1923, the original stone tower was replaced by the current concrete tower, which stands at approximately 12 meters (39 feet) tall.

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Nature enthusiasts and hikers will find joy in exploring Tomaree National Park, which surrounds Fingal Bay. The Tomaree Head Summit Walk is particularly popular, rewarding adventurers with a panoramic view of Port Stephens and the picturesque coastline.

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