Nestled in the scenic New England region of New South Wales, Gibraltar Ranges National Park is a nature lover's paradise. Spanning over 67,000 hectares, this sprawling park is renowned for its rugged mountain ranges, pristine rainforests, and diverse wildlife.

The park offers an array of outdoor activities and exploration opportunities. Hiking enthusiasts can embark on the exhilarating hike to the summit of Mount Gibraltar, which rewards with breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The trail winds through ancient rainforests, across cascading waterfalls, and past crystal-clear creeks, immersing visitors in the park's natural splendor.

 68253 Boundary Falls I
 68301 Boundary Falls II

I can highly recommend a stay at Boundary Falls campground, which is located right beside Boundary Falls and is the perfect spot to cool off on a hot day. You can also walk from the camp along Lyrebird Falls walking track, which takes you on a leisurely stroll through the rainforest to the falls lookout.

A more significant hike along the N W Firetrail will take you out to Duffer Creek Falls. At the end of Duffer Creek Falls Trail, you'll end up at the top of the falls where you'll be rewarded with an amazing view of the ranges and park below.

 68256 Raspberry Lookout

Don't forget to drive out to Rasberry lookout, which is just off the main Gwydir Highway that runs through the park. Once again, the panoramic views of the park are well worth the visit.

For a unique camping experience, head to Mulligans Campground, nestled amidst towering eucalyptus trees. Set up camp and fall asleep to the soothing sounds of nature. During the day, explore the surrounding walking trails that lead to picturesque spots like Dandahra Falls and the granite outcrops of Anvil Rock.

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