Nestled not far from the southern edges of Sydney, Morton National Park unfolds its wonders in the beautiful Southern Highlands. It's a hotspot for nature lovers, known for its jaw-dropping waterfalls and scenic hiking trails. One standout is Fitzroy Falls, a timeless attraction that's been pulling in visitors since Victorian times. Back in the late 1800s, folks visiting nearby Moss Vale were already making the trek to witness the falls, and today, it's still a big hit. The falls, standing tall at 81 meters, can be enjoyed with a short walk or a longer falls walk for some seriously stunning distant views.

 71169 Fitzroy Falls Cascades

Then there's Manning's Lookout, not as bustling as it once was, but back in the day, it was a tourist magnet. You'll only catch a subtle sign along the main road, but a mere kilometre down, there it is—treating you to sweeping views over Kangaroo Valley.

 72109 Manning Lookout

Also tucked away within the park and just a short drive from Fitzroy Falls, is Belmore Falls. The Belmore Falls track is like a treasure hunt for hikers, guiding them to different lookouts with panoramic views of the multi-tiered falls dramatically plunging into the lush valley below. It's nature's masterpiece on display.

 72106 Top of Belmore Falls
 72090 Two Tiers of Belmore Falls

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