Newsletter 1 - March 2006

Profile of Australian Landscape Photographer R a Stanley
The Three Sisters, Blue Mountains Hello and welcome to our first newsletter. Firstly I’d like to apologise for its delay, with a move to New South Wales’ Central Coast, the birth of our second child (in the front seat of the car!) and the opening of our first gallery, things have been a little hectic of late.

I hope you enjoy the newsletter which will keep you informed of new images, latest news and tips to help you along with your photography.


Opening of our Central Coast Gallery. We opened our first gallery on the 11th Feb this year. Situated on the Central Coast at Wyoming just north of Gosford.

Central Coast Gallery Shop 5,
470 Pacific Hwy,
NSW, 2250

Central Coast Gallery larger map

Website Changes. We have enhanced our website to include a location search facility. This will make it easier to find images from many of your favourite places.

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Screensavers. We now have four free windows screensavers available for download from our site. Please feel free to download and install one or all on your computer. They are also free to email to friends and family.

On Location

The Blue Mountains
My latest on location shoot has been in the . For anyone who has visited the Blue Mountains, they will know of their unique beauty, a must for any photographer.

The blue mountains are situated one hour west of Sydney and consist of a spectacular array of canyons, valleys, caves, rivers, waterfalls and a huge variety of native flora and fauna.

The regions largest town Katoomba, stands at an elevation of approx 1000m and therefore enjoys a cooler climate than neighbouring Sydney, a great place to escape the summer heat.

For myself the main locations for this shoot were the famous ‘Three Sisters’ rock formation and the many waterfalls of the area. Here are a selection of pictures now available for purchase from our website and gallery.

The Three Sisters, Blue Mountains
Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains
Weeping Rock, Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains Rainforest
The Three Sisters, Blue Mountains


Composition - Rule of thirds
A simple but very effective way of improving the composition of your photographs is to follow the ‘rule of thirds’. Placing important elements of your photographs at the intersection of an imaginary ‘naughts and crosses’ grid will give your pictures a greater compositional quality.

But just remember, all rules are there to be broken.

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