Newsletter 7 - July 2009

Profile of Australian Landscape Photographer R a Stanley

It’s been a good few months since my last correspondence, during which time I’ve been very busy.

So what’s new? A new gallery, accredited membership of the AIPP, a first award from APPA, a visit to the Victorian Alps in autumn, the list goes on.

Here are some of the highlights.

New Gallery

I’m very proud to announce the opening of my new Central Coast gallery. Located in East Gosford it’s a showcase of my images of the Central Coast and from around Australia.

We’re open 5 days (tue-sat) a week, so please come down and say hello, we’d love to show you around our country.

visit our gallery page for more details

Accredited Membership of AIPP

I’m now an accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP). The AIPP has represented professional photography in Australia for over 40 years and it is certainly an honour for me to have been accepted as an accredited member.

For more details visit


Having now become a member of the AIPP this allows me to enter into the Canon Australia Professional Photography Awards (APPA).
My first efforts paid dividends with a silver award for my image titled: Pioneering Spirit. I hope you enjoy the image.

The Victorian Alps

The Victorian Alps are a spectacular location for photography at any time of the year, but it’s in the autumn months when a blaze of colour makes this location a must.

I visited the area around Bright during the first week in May. The Bright autumn festival is always a good indication of when the best of the autumn colour will be in abundance.

My visit took me to many of the surrounding towns and mountain areas, but it was on my way back to Bright when I was greeted by the exquisite golden evening light streaming through the trees. Quickly, pulling to the side of the road, I setup and captured the scene. Just what I’d been hoping for!

Best Regards,