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Flood Waters
Lake Hart, Outback SA, SA, Australia
 68086  Open Edition Print

Approx. Framed Size 570mm x 303mm
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$229.00 AUD

Aerial Photography of Flood Waters (68086)

As we watched, Lake Hart filled with flood water at a rate of about 1 metre per minute. An incredible sight!

All of my aerial photographs of Flood Waters (68086) are taken from either a light aircraft, balloon, helicopter or drone. Photographing aerial images has to be one of the more thrilling parts of my job. Shooting aerial photos, allows me to create a whole new perspective on the landscape.

All of my photos of Flood Waters (68086) are available to buy as high quality photographic prints. I also have many framing options available.


For enquires about image licensing and corporate purchases of my photos of Flood Waters (68086) call Richard on 0410191288.